Relevant Paper

Tuunanen et al. (2011) uses a design science approach to propose a requirements engineering procedure that helps to engage blind users in requirements collection. The procedure incorporates techniques that account for the needs of this user group. The paper demonstrates the use of the proposed procedures in a requirements collection effort for mobile service applications. The study evaluates the proposed procedure using a follow-up survey to the requirements collection effort, concluding that the major objectives of the procedure were met. The proposed procedure is a first step towards making requirements engineering more accessible to blind users; the article calls for additional research towards this goal.

Tuunanen, T., K. Peffers, and S. Hebler, “Designed Procedures for Engineering System Feature Requirements with Users Who Are Blind,” Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA), 2011, 12:1, pp. 23-44.


About rdphillips

I am a product designer working commercially and independently on contract projects for 9 years. I have been working within the fields of utilitarian international manufacture, education and design research. My main interest is in user interactions, responding to direct participant observations and creating user orientated solutions. I have run design workshops intent on educating and using design approaches to various situations both commercial and academic.

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