Ponoko App Gateway

Ponoko have started App Gateway, as a platform for the development of Apps for 3D fabrication.

About Ponoko  (text lifted from their site and edited)

Ponoko is an online marketplace with a vision to reinvent how goods are designed, made and distributed worldwide. The core of this vision is the trade in product designs, like the trade in music (iTunes), photos (Flickr), movies (YouTube) and software apps (iPhone) before us.

They host tens of thousands of user generated product designs, ready to be customized and made into real things with the click of a mouse. They also provide the world’s first digital making system that means these product designs can be priced instantly online and made locally, as close to the point of consumption as possible.

About App Gateway – text from their website

Make custom goods – no design skills required!

With Personal Factory ‘making apps’, you’ll no longer have to be a designer to make your own custom products.

Think of a ‘making app’ as a product customizer. Each app has one or more products available for you to customize just how you want them.

Want to make a chair? Search our App Gateway for furniture ‘making apps’. Choose a chair, select the style, size, material and color you want, then click to make – and your custom-made chair will be delivered to your door.


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