@ DOMUS – The Future in the Making – Palacio Clerici, Milan Design Week

GGlab + Deniz Manisali

“Traditional gastronomy operates by establishing a tension between natural and artificial, between single ingredients and their transformation into a gastronomic experience both in terms of aesthetics and taste. By offering chefs and food designers a new and versatile instrument for the manipulation of ingredients, 3D printers open up an unexplored frontier, an opportunity to intensify this tension. They bear the promise of an increased control overform and an enhanced ability to design taste-and when coordinate with sensorial monitoring could open up a completely new way of cooking. In “the Future in the making/open design archipelago” we are presenting our research with chef Paco Morales, in collaboration with Luis Fraguada (IAAC) and the support of SOLEGRAELLS, experimenting with the application of 3D printing in avant-garde gastronomy, testing the possibilities of this new realm of design.”


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