Haptic Intelligensia – Joong Han Lee

@ THE MACHINE – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week 2012

Bridging the divide between the hand made and the digital this project doesn’t seek to challenge digital printing but allow craft to engage with computer generated design without the need for a visual interface. Using a Sensable haptic mouse hacked together with a hot glue gun Joong Han Lee worked from the OpenHaptics software development toolkit to write custom software that allows you to be able to spatially feel the location and extents of a 3D model and build it by depositing material where and when you want it.

“HAPTIC INTELLIGENTSIA is a human 3D printing machine that allows the user to tactually perceive the virtual object and to directly transform it into the physical. The user can freely move the extruding gun, which is attached to a haptic interface. When the tip of the gun is moved into a surface region of the virtual object, the interface generates forces under computer control, allowing the user to feel and touch the surface of the object.

Without looking at the computer screen, the only way to visualize the virtual object is to pull the trigger and extrude the material along the feedback surface. The results are always unique and different, depending on how each user responds to the machine’s guidance. The sense of touch is no longer present in our current screen-based interface. HAPTIC INTELLIGENTSIA humanizes the 3D printing process, bringing the user a tactile relationship to the virtual object.”


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