The Artefact Cafe ran an Open Design Research Lab, conducting workshops and researching for the duration of the Made in Brunel show @ Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, London. 14th – 17th June 2012….

What would you make? / what would your Artefact Cafe be?

Everyday throughout the exhibition we asked people what would they make if they had the tools, the time and the knowledge to do whatever they wanted. We are trying to gain insights into how users might engage with an open access fabrication space and what that space might be.



Customise & Communicate 

What if you could co-design the products you buy?

This hands-on workshop will have you using easy paper craft and simple drawing techniques to communicate how you would hack or customise an existing design just for you. No previous design experience required, just the willingness to have a go.

Clay to digital data

What if you could make digital models with your hands?

In this workshop you will use simple hands on clay modeling techniques and a digital camera to create, hack or customise physical objects into a 3D scanned digital file.

Human senses // Digital sensors

What if you could extend your human senses?

If you could extend your senses into a digital physical product, how would it function? We have access to technology that can be placed remotely to monitor an environment, extending our knowledge to achieve wider collaboration with the scientific community. This access is open to those from all works of life to formulate their own experiments contributing to a global community… known as citizen science.

We will be running workshops and Brun


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