3D Printed weapon

Touched on in the TED Talk by Marc Goodman and imagined by nearly all who are introduced to the concept of 3D printing, guns and weapons that are able to be made at will and on demand feature as a negative consequence and dystopian vision of decentralised, unregulated self production.

Text below taken from http://www.webpronews.com/gunsmith-uses-3d-printer-to-make-a-rifle-2012-07 on 31/07/12

“A member from the gun forum AR15 thinks he may have created and successfully tested the first 3D printed firearm. He used a Stratasys 3D printer from the mid-90s to create a .22 pistol. He claims to have fired over 200 rounds from the 3D printed marvel and it still works fine. Here’s what it looks like:

Can't Afford A Gun, Make Your Own With A 3D Printer

After this successful field test, he took it to the next level. He attached a .223 upper to the 3D printed lower. The experiment proved to be a success yet again. This time, however, he ran into some feed and extraction issues with the upper.

Can't Afford A Gun, Make Your Own With A 3D Printer

All of this is to say that you can now print your own gun if you so wish. The blueprints for guns are available on 3D printing resource Web sites now. While this experiment turned out successful, I would suggest that only gunsmith experts only try this. One mistake and the gun could explode in your hand. Plastic isn’t exactly the greatest material to make guns out of and there could be problems.

Despite how you feel about guns, it’s still amazing to see how versatile 3D printers have become. The fact that 3D printers from the 90s can do this is even more amazing. The resources used to make a gun with a 3D printer are probably a fraction of the cost a gun at a sporting goods store would cost.”


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